About Us

Eye care for everyone, from kids to adults, in Doncaster.

At Optical In Sight Doncaster, we care about the community; which is why we provide professional eye care for everyone, from kids to adults.

Owner and operator, Sonya Wijaya, performing a consultation with client


Most of our consultations, including visual field testing, are bulk-billed, with the exception of high-quality Topcon Zeiss retinal imaging, corneal topography (ORB scan) and dry eye specialised assessments.
We will discuss:
– your visual symptoms
– status of general health
– your family history
– your visual needs.
At the end of the consultation, our optometrist will recommend personalised eye care solutions to improve and maintain your eye health.

Two children wearing sunglasses outdoors to protect their eyes


We are proud to provide services for a wide variety of patients – from newborns to seniors. We provide domiciliary visits to aged care facilities and also have HICAPS facilities available, which enable us to claim your optical benefit on the spot.

Sonya Wijaya performing a routine eye examination

Routine Eye Examination

A routine eye examination should be performed every two years, or more regularly if it is recommended by the optometrist or your doctor. We will discuss your visual symptoms, status of general health, family history, and visual needs. At the end of the consultation, our optometrist will recommend personalised eye care solutions to improve and maintain your eye health.

Sonya Wijaya performing an eye examination for an elderly client

Our Optometrists

All of our optometrists are trained with a therapeutic endorsement from The University of Melbourne.
They are able to treat and detect conditions such as:
– keratoconus
– children’s vision issues
– dry eye, cataracts
– eye infections
– glaucoma
– diabetic retinopathy
– macular degeneration
and other eye diseases.

Huge Range of glasses Available

Our Products

We dedicate ourselves to updating our equipment by investing in the latest technology to achieve the most sophisticated level of eye care. We won’t compromise your vision with inferior products.

We share the same principle of clinical excellence and with the buying power of a major network, we can ensure that you receive competitive pricing and value for money without compromising on quality.

Sonya Wijaya using the latest in eye-care technology to create custom-designed rigid lenses

Contact Lenses

We routinely fit all types of contact lenses, ranging from soft disposable lenses to custom-designed rigid lenses.

The Optical Insight building in Doncaster on a lovely sunny day

Our History

The practice has been in operation since 1991 and developed further when Sonya Wijaya purchased the practice in 2009. We are also actively involved with the clinical teaching of optometry students from Deakin and Melbourne Universities.

Optical In Sight Doncaster is proudly independent, ensuring that the decisions we make for you are solely for your benefit. We belong to the national Provision network of independent optometrists. We are Australian owned so choosing our independent practice over internationally owned optical retailers is a decision you can feel good about. 

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of eye care and endeavour to solve your vision needs to your satisfaction. We also believe in continuity of care and we focus on what’s best for you, not our bottom line.