Behavioural Testing

Behavioural optometrists treat babies, pre-schoolers and school-aged children with vision deficiencies that are affecting their growth and development.

The study of Behavioural Optometry explores the functioning of the eyes and the brain as they process visual information, and the effect on performance and behaviour. Predominantly working with children, Behavioural Optometrists also work with anyone who has a visually demanding job or lifestyle.

Sometimes children can perform below their ability in the classroom. This can occur because the child has not developed the ‘building blocks’ in the vision system. These ‘building blocks’ are needed for them to read, write, spell or carry out maths tasks and concentrate.

As behavioural testing optometrists, we can conduct visual perceptual tests in an effort to identify any gaps in these ‘building blocks’. Often children will be referred by a GP, maternal/child health nurse or school nurse.

Every child needs an initial eye examination. This determines how well they can see and maintain clear vision.

If your child is having difficulty with learning, an additional appointment may be scheduled for a visual information processing assessment.