Child Symptoms

There are countless symptoms that may result in numerous eye conditions for children. It is recommended school-aged children have an eye exam at least every two years to prevent future eye issues.

Do not ignore them! Bring your kids in for an eye test today.

Does your child need a Check-Up?

Last Check Up

Was your last check up over 12 months ago?


Do you observe any of the following behaviours?
– One eye drifts in a different direction than the other.
– Turns or tilts head while reading or doing any particular tasks.
– Frequently loses things.
– Frequently rubs eyes.
– Short attention span.

Squinting / Blinking

Does your child squint or close one eye frequently?

Does your child repeatedly or increasingly blink?


Does your child have poor hand-eye coordination?

Does your child become dizzy or confused when in motion?

Field of Vision

Does your child have problems judging distance or bumping into things?

Does your child hold reading materials too up close?


Does your child report headaches or tired eyes?

Reading / Education

Does your child avoid certain tasks such as reading?

Does your child have difficulty with spelling or reads very slowly?

Does your child have difficult recognising letters or numbers or words?

Quality Of Vision

Are your child’s eyes bothered by light?

Does your child often see double?

Please contact us if you answered yes to any of the above

Proper UV Protection

Wearing hats and sunglasses
All of our sunglasses comply with Australian standards, categories 3 and 4, which provide 100% UV Protection. AS (Australian Standard) prescription lenses also available.
UV can damage if its not protected from a young age. Safeguard your children today, slip slop slap wrap. There is no skin if there is no proper UV guard like the body which has skin as eyes do not have skin.

Child identifying shapes and images as part of eye test Smiling child receiving an eye test from one of our team members Young girl trying on pink Australian certified UV protection sunglasses