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All our optometrists here at Optical In Sight in Doncaster are trained with a therapeutic endorsement from The University of Melbourne. Our staff are able to treat and detect conditions such as keratoconus, children’s vision issues, dry eye, cataracts, eye infections, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and other eye diseases.

Sonya Wijaya

Sonya Wijaya


Our principal optometrist, Sonya Wijaya, has over fifteen years of experience in optometry, examining eyes and providing solutions to eye problems. Sonya started working in optics in 2004 while doing her final two years in her optometry degree. She graduated from The University of Melbourne in 2006 with therapeutic endorsement.

Sonya was working alongside leading researchers and clinicians in the field at the State University of New York as part of her clinical placement. She was working in regional Victoria and South Australia for two years to challenge herself in understanding complex ocular pathologies and diseases. She loved the challenges and opportunities present in rural practices.

In 2009, Sonya obtained Optical In Sight Donvale and dedicated herself to providing eye care consistently in one practice. She is very proactive in providing the highest level of eye care, and contributes to the community and profession. She has excellent relationships with local GPs, ophthalmologists, and other allied health professionals.

She also developed a special interest in children’s optometry services as she loves working with children, being a mother herself. An organisation she closely supports is UNICEF. UNICEF proactively helps children in crisis throughout the world. She is actively presenting in local early learning centres and schools to promote the importance of eye health. Aside from optometry, she enjoys the arts as she was an accomplished artist at an international level before she decided to be an optometrist.

Elise Lam

Elise Lam


Elise Lam joined the practice in 2012. She has various experiences in both rural and metro optometric practices. Elise was working alongside eye health professionals and other health providers in Fiji as part of her training before she graduated from The University of Melbourne in 2009.

She has a particular interest in ocular diseases and complex contact lens fittings. She has developed an interest in children’s eye health and enjoys this challenging but satisfying niche of Optometry.

Elise believes in contributing back to the community. She is actively involved with projects that increase the accessibility of eye care to the public, both on a local and international level. The organisations that she supports include Brien Holden Vision Institute, The Fred Hollows Foundation and Optometry Giving Sights. Throughout the year, Elise travels to rural Aboriginal communities to assist in eye care programs. When time allows, Elise also participates in outreach programs at an international level.

Aside from optometry, she enjoys diverse outdoor activities including scuba diving, cycling, and badminton.



Sui-Ann has been with Optical InSight since 2014. She completed Bachelor of Science at Monash University then Doctor of Optometry from the University of Melbourne with therapeutic endorsement. Sui-Ann interned alongside leading ophthalmologists and researcher at OMNI Eye services clinic. She also has experience in regional and greater-metro practices where she also worked closely with ophthalmologists to manage a number of complex ocular pathology.

Having worn glasses from a young age, Sui-Ann has a particular interest in myopia control in children and paediatric optometry. She believes in promoting eye health to the general public and that the profession should support comprehensive eye tests for everyone.

Aside from optometry, Sui-Ann has a wide range of interests and hobbies including hiking, baking and spending time with her nephew.

Trudy Pegram

Trudy Pegram

Trudy joined the team in early 2017. Having worn glasses and contact lenses from a young age, she draws from her own experience to provide excellent and honest advice. She also loves nature and enjoys outdoor activities.

Sandra Sist

Sandra Sist

Sandra joined our practice in 2014 and she is very passionate in helping our patients. She has a very good and honest approach in choosing the special frame to suit the individual and our patients love it. Sandra is a mother of two teenagers and has a great knowledge in nutrition. She is actively involved in local sporting activities in Bulleen.